Oral Surgeries in Spokane, WA 

At Cascade Dental Care, our focus is always on providing comfortable care to every patient to encourage optimal oral health. When gum disease, broken or cracked teeth, decay, or trauma have rendered attempts to save a tooth ineffective, a surgical procedure might be your best option.

Dental Implants

If you're missing one or more teeth, our doctors specialize in ultra-durable, permanent tooth restorations using dental implants!

Dental implants use titanium posts implanted into the jawbone where luminous crowns can then be attached. Implants offer natural-looking results that are built to last for life!

At Cascade Dental Care, we offer the following selection of dental implant systems:

  • Single Dental Implants
  • Implant-Retained Overdentures (similar to All-on-4®)
  • Hybrid Dental Implants
  • Implant-Retained Dentures
  • Mini Implants
  • Overdentures

Tooth Extractions

oral surgeon working on patient's mouth

If a tooth is damaged or decayed beyond the help of restorative dentistry, tooth extraction may be necessary to prevent an abscess or further infection.

In most cases, one of our dentists will perform a routine extraction in which the tooth is gently loosened until it can be removed without affecting any surrounding tissue. When bone removal is required to completely remove the affected tooth, a surgical extraction is needed — most often in the case of wisdom teeth.

Wisdom Tooth Removal

At Cascade Dental Care, we perform all different types of wisdom tooth removal surgeries, including those on impacted wisdom teeth!

Our team uses the most advanced dental tools and technology to take a close look at the status of your wisdom teeth and determine when it's safest for you or your child to have the teeth removed. Although not every patient needs their wisdom teeth pulled, forgoing this procedure can cause pain, orthodontic problems, and even severe infections.

If you have wisdom teeth or impacted wisdom teeth ready for removal, call our office to schedule your consultation!

Endodontics & Root Canal Therapy

Endodontics is the branch of dentistry focused on treating the pulp, or soft tissue, inside a tooth to save it following an infection or injury. Cascade Dental Care provides a variety of endodontic procedures that include treating trauma (most commonly a broken, chipped, or knocked tooth), pulp infections, root canals, and even treating the bone surrounding a damaged tooth. Due to the complexity of the nerves in the mouth, endodontists are specially trained to help identify the underlying cause of tooth pain and treat it appropriately!

At Cascade Dental Care, we understand that root canals have a reputation for being a painful procedure. The truth is, there have been incredible advancements in endodontics over the past several years that allow us to make your experience completely comfortable and pain-free — which remains our top priority at all times!

Bone Grafting

Periodontal disease can have a severe impact on the health of the jaw bone, making it impossible to support a dental implant without additional treatment. If you are suffering from periodontal disease, our dentists may recommend bone grafting, or natural bone regeneration, to promote bone growth in the jaw. This specialized treatment allows the jaw bone to regenerate and regain enough strength to be able to support a dental implant.

Sinus Lift Surgery

Sinus lift surgery is performed for patients who do not have enough bone height to support a dental implant, or whose sinuses are too close or too large to allow implant placement. This surgery, also known as maxillary sinus elevation, uses a bone graft to allow greater stability and security to support the placement of dental implants. 

Emergency Dentistry

Your dental emergencies deserve comfortable care — right away! The dentists at Cascade Dental Care of Spokane are available after-hours to help patients in need of emergency care or oral surgeries. To ensure you get the immediate care you need, same-day appointments are available at both our North Spokane and South Hill offices. If you're experiencing a dental emergency, call our office immediately!

Quality Oral Surgery You Can Trust

If you're in need of oral surgery, call Cascade Dental Care to receive treatment from the team you know and trust! Our two Spokane, WA locations offer a long list of oral surgeries to provide comfortable, convenient care. Call our North Spokane, South Hill, or Spokane Valley office today to schedule your appointment!

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